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What is StreetEyes?
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The mission of StreetEyes is to make the streets and highways safer for all who share them. Through technology, drivers will be monitored so that you can see whether or not they are responsible on the road. We have independent operators all across the United States whose vehicles are equipped with cameras that record video, display speed and GPS tracking. You will be able to review the video and react accordingly so that together, we keep the streets safe for everyone.

We target higher risk drivers: teens, seniors and commercial drivers. Teens because they have not yet mastered driving skills, seniors because some have diminished driving abilities due to changes that occur naturally with age, and commercial drivers because of the amount of time they spend driving every day. The more time spent behind the wheel, the greater the chance of accidents occurring.

StreetEyes is the only national company that will provide a real time video of your subject operating a vehicle at a time and place designated by you. We offer sessions in 20, 40 and 60 minute segments. We also offer a business rate charged by the hour based on a weekly, monthly or annual contract.

The philosophy of StreetEyes is that once drivers understand that they can be monitored at any time and any place, their driving behavior will improve. This is simply human nature. If we know we are being watched, we act differently than if we are not. Our service will be a deterrent to erratic driving by everyone who understands that the possibility of being monitored at any time exists. We also believe that giving parents the opportunity to actually see exactly how their teen is driving when the parent is not in the car with the teen is an invaluable resource. Driving an automobile is the most dangerous activity a teen will engage in – parents have the right to know if their teen is driving safely. Business owners and managers also have a right to know if their drivers are operating company owned vehicles safely.

The ultimate goal of StreetEyes is to make our streets and highways safer for everyone. Distracted driving is a huge problem on our roadways. We want to be part of the solution. We want to help save lives! 

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