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Become a Franchisee

Ok, so you are wondering who this business is really for. What are the necessary qualifications? What equipment do I need? Where do I begin? How quickly can I start making money?

You may be asking yourself “CAN I DO THIS?" The answer may surprise you. If you can drive a car and have basic computer skills then the answer is YES!! It is literally that simple. All that is needed is a vehicle, a camera and a computer to transfer the video onto a DVD for the client. That is it - the rest you will learn from our operations manual. We will give you the tools you need to start your own business. We will tell you where and how to market for both teens and businesses. We will provide you with the camera ready artwork for print advertising and flyers and posters for a variety of needs. We will give you the necessary business forms all professionally designed with our company logo. We will give you insight into the various ways to contact business clients.

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Watch the Video
And see how easy it is to become a StreetEyes Franchisee!

We believe this opportunity is perfect for anyone who meets the simple requirements of a car and basic computer skills. We believe this opportunity will succeed in every town in every city in every state and eventually in every country. We expect to partner with people who have lost their jobs, stay at home mothers and fathers looking to supplement the household income, retirees looking for something meaningful to do, college students needing extra money, physically challenged people having trouble acquiring employment in the mainstream job market, veterans, single parents seeking flexible schedules and many others. You set your own schedule – work as much or as little as you choose. The more aggressively you market your business the more clients you will have. You may even choose to have several vehicles and hire drivers to work for you to grow your business. Keep in mind, this is YOUR business – you will be responsible for advertising and contacting people in your community to secure business. Like any other business in operation, someone has to promote and market the product to ensure success. You are that someone and you control your own destiny.

Sound good?? We hope you think it does and hope you sign up for this exciting new business that will one day will make the streets safer for everyone and help save the lives of teens and others. Our goal is simple – to provide you with an ability to provide for you and your family and to make every driver more aware and more cautious while driving.

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se checkmark LOW INVESTMENT – ONLY $495 *
*Plus the cost of a camera (less than $400)

se checkmark NO HIDDEN COSTS

se checkmark BE YOUR OWN BOSS



se checkmark SET YOUR OWN HOURS


se checkmark HELP SAVE LIVES

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What's included in the downloadable kit:

  • A StreetEyes® Franchisee Manual that includes marketing strategy for teens, seniors and businesses
  • Form letters for principles, teachers and superintendents
  • Form letters for business contacts
  • Individual sales contracts
  • Business sales contracts
  • Daily and weekly schedule forms
  • Professional design flyers for teens, seniors and business applications
  • Professional design posters for teens, seniors and business applications
  • ID Package templates (Business card, letterhead, envelopes)
  • Hi-resolution logos for use in advertising and other media

  • Power Point presentation

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