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The StreetEyes Story
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How did StreetEyes® begin? Where did StreetEyes® begin? Why did StreetEyes® begin? Who came up with the concept of StreetEyes®?

The idea and concept was conceived by James Lipjanic, a licensed property and casualty insurance agent in Youngstown, Ohio. James was constantly dealing with parents adding their teenage drivers to their insurance policies and observing the anguish the parents went through. Many parents were unsure if their teens were ready to be driving legally but since they were of age, the parents felt compelled to allow the teens to learn to drive. Most parents were shocked at the increase in premium due to adding their teen driver. This increase was even more dramatic if the teen had already accumulated any traffic tickets. James also had to assist with the claims that arose from these same teens having traffic accidents. All of this was the beginning of the thought process to find a way to alleviate the anxiety and cost of teens beginning to drive.

James also began thinking about his own kids, who at the time of this business launch were 13 and 14 years of age. He knew that in a short time he would be dealing with all these same issues as every other parent. What would he do? How would he convince his own children of the dangers of driving, especially for teens, and how the statistics prove that automobile accidents are the number one killer of teens between the ages of 15-19? How would he control the way his own kids behaved behind the wheel of the car? How would he be sure that they were driving safely when they took to the road on their own? Was there some way to give him peace of mind that his kids were in fact driving safely? Was there some way to warn him that his kids were not driving safely and might be a danger to themselves and others on the streets? Of course he hoped this would not be an issue for his kids since he has spent so much time teaching and talking with them- but again, how would he know for sure?

So StreetEyes® was born. James felt that if parents had an opportunity to see an unbiased, unobstructed view of their teen operating a vehicle without their knowledge that they would indeed be able to determine if their teen was driving safely and responsibly. This was the tool parents needed to be able to sit down with their teen and either say “congratulations, we are proud of you”, or “We have a problem here – we are concerned for your life and the lives of your friends and others sharing the streets with you – you are not driving safely”. This is the perfect opportunity to stop unsafe behavior immediately by the person who has the authority to do so, the parent. No one else can police teens like their parents, no other person has any more authority over the actions of the teens nor does anyone have the ability to stop it as quickly. The simple solution is to stop the teen from driving until the teen can convince the parent to give them another chance. We hope this is what happens to the dangerous teen drivers, that the parents do indeed take away driving privileges until the teen proves that they are ready to try again, and we hope the parents do give the teens another chance. We also hope they call StreetEyes® again to give video proof of the new and improved driving safety.

This is the goal of StreetEyes®. We want parents to take an active role in their teens’ driving and if teens know that they might be being followed and filmed by a StreetEyes® operator at any time, the teens would always drive safely and responsibly. This would lead to safer streets for everyone and reduce the number of traffic accidents and deaths to teens from automobile accidents.

This concept of drivers driving more safely because of the possibility of being monitored easily lends itself to the business world also, since so many businesses rely on drivers as an integral part of their business. Business owners now have a tool to monitor their drivers easily and reduce the risk to their business from dangerous drivers. The liability exposure of a business needs to be protected more today than ever before. One serious accident can potentially put a business out of business. Again, this is why StreetEyes® is such a valuable tool.

Well, there you have it, the story of how and why StreetEyes® was started and by whom. We are glad you decided to take advantage of this revolutionary idea and wish you much success in your endeavor.