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You contact a StreetEyes operator to schedule the time and place for a session and we do the rest. Whether we are following a teen, a senior or a commercial operator, we maintain a safe distance and record the vehicle with our in-car camera. Our camera also captures speed and displays GPS tracking, showing you how fast your subject is driving and where your subject is traveling.

Our operators may also narrate events that occur along the way and point out things such as road conditions, time of day, posted speed limit, traffic volume and any other observations. These will be audible when you view the DVD we provide you of the session. Sessions are available in 20, 40 or 60 minute segments.

Moms and Dads, you now have the tool you need to determine if your teen is following the rules of the road and the rules you set forth. If you see risky driving, we hope you will take the keys from your teen until such time as they can demonstrate to you that their behavior behind the wheel has improved. If your teen is driving safe, take the opportunity to congratulate them! Peace of mind is now yours.

For you, the adult child whose elderly parent may be at the point in life where their driving abilities have diminished, this will give you an opportunity to show your parent a video of them driving. If dangerous activity is apparent, seeing themselves driving dangerously may help them understand that the time has come to surrender the keys before they hurt themselves or others.

For you, the business owner or manager, you now have video proof of whether or not you have a risky driver in your company. Analyze the footage and take the appropriate action to eliminate the risk so you can protect your company’s liability.

For individuals, we offer one time session pricing and 3 session discounted pricing. Prices are as low as $25 per 20 minute session in most states. Check with your local operator for exact pricing.

For our business customers, we offer one time session pricing as well as discounted weekly, monthly and annual contract pricing. These hourly sessions are available as low as $35 per hour in most states and can be divided into smaller sessions as you choose. Check with your local operator for exact rates.

Make the decision today to schedule your session. Give yourself peace of mind and help make the streets safer for everyone.

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